CIS Healthcheck

CIS Healthcheck

FREE comprehensive audit for complete compliance assurance

  • Protect your business from HMRC scrutiny
  • Demonstrate due diligence
  • Ensure your business is compliant
  • Ensure your supply chain is operating compliantly

Get Compliance Assurance

When hiring CIS self-employed workers we know you rely on your supply chain to protect your company with robust compliance practices.

However, it’s important to review your internal processes and procedures regularly.  Our FREE CIS Healthcheck service is designed to ensure your business stays in-step with HMRC’s expectations as well as any changes to the CIS rules.



What’s Involved?

The healthcheck reflects our commitment to supporting your business more fully by sharing expert knowledge and vast experience.

It involves consulting with you about your CIS recruitment, processes, policies and procedures looking in particular at reporting errors, HMRC expectations on how you should be auditing your suppliers, and best practices regarding self-employment status determinations.

Through the healthcheck process we will highlight potential risk areas or process gaps, and enable you to show you have undertaken the necessary due diligence.

You can undergo a healthcheck with a member of our experienced team or with our independent Chartered Accountant partner who specialises in managing contractor supply chain risks within the construction sector.

CIS Healthcheck

You will know that your organisation is the party most at risk from HMRC investigation, so we know how important this matter is to you.

Why Us?

Having specialised in CIS payments for 25 years we are now the biggest provider in the market, and we pride ourselves on operating in a way that gives you complete compliance assurance.

Our approach is under constant review by our expert team but to ensure you can have complete confidence in us, we also invite independent reviews regularly by respected tax advisors, BDO.

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