How an umbrella company works

Everything you need to know about umbrella

Working as an employee of our Umbrella company is a straight-forward way to work as a contractor.

Working this way involves becoming an employee of our Umbrella company which then contracts out your services to other companies (your end clients) or employment agencies. You can switch seamlessly between contracts whilst building a record of continuous employment which is important when seeking mortgages and other types of loan.

If you choose this working option, Crest Plus will be your employer, giving you full employment rights including holiday pay, statutory payments for maternity/paternity/adoption and sick leave as well as access to a company pension scheme.

The Umbrella working process

  1. You carry out the work for the end client.
  2. You submit a timesheet to the agency.
  3. We invoice the end client, your agency, for the work you’ve undertaken as our employee.
  4. The agency pays us for the work you’ve carried out. We pay you after making deductions such as tax and National Insurance.

How your pay is calculated

You can find out more about how your pay is calculated. You will find it comparable to being a regular employee in that you will have deductions for things like tax, National Insurance and holiday pay. However, you will also see a deduction which is due to Crest Plus as we have to make a profit margin and cover the costs of providing an Umbrella employment solution to you.

Making life easier

Our Umbrella solution is designed to make life easier and simpler for contractors, so you can enjoy the flexibility of this way of working, safe in the knowledge that you are working in complete compliance with HMRC’s rules. All your payslips and other important documents will be stored in our secure online portal for you to access whenever required. Also, our expert team will be available to you to answer any questions you may have.

Find out more

As one of the UK’s longest-established Umbrella companies, we have significant experience and expertise in supporting Umbrella employees to get the most out of this way of working. To find out more, please get in touch today.