Complete Support for Busy Recruiters

Partner with us and enjoy all the benefits of working with a company that can process volumes of weekly timesheets accurately, on time and with minimum fuss.

We pride ourselves on being the most reliable payments partner you could choose.

We make your life easier by ensuring workers can register quickly and receive on-time, accurate payments. We do this for over 10,000 contractors EVERY week.

Systems, processes and people

The market we serve is unusually demanding.

Workers generally submit weekly timesheets as opposed to monthly timesheets in other sectors.

This produces a huge volume of activity. To succeed, we have had to build systems and processes which can withstand severe stress. And we’ve had to create a culture whereby each member of staff plays their part, works as a team and is empowered to do the right thing on their own initiative.

This is the ‘secret sauce’ to our success.


Our people make all the difference

The most experienced payments team in the industry.

Our payments team has unrivalled expertise, with several people in the team serving our business for 18+ years.  That’s an impressive level of expertise and experience.

Despite many of the legislative changes, the consistency of the payments team has been invaluable in helping our recruitment partners ensure their temp workers are paid accurately, on time with no compliance issues.


We know it’s important to our recruitment partners that we work efficiently and accurately, with good lines of communication.

If we do our job right, you don’t have to field unnecessary calls from your temp workers.  So that’s what we focus on – getting it right, first time, every time.

Open Door Policy

We warmly welcome visits from our recruitment agency partners.  You can see for yourself the smooth operation we have in place, and meet the people who will be supporting your teams and workers.

Measuring Ourselves

Unbeatable service is more than an aspiration.  We actively measure our performance each month by reviewing samples of our customer calls – so our service just gets better and better.

Meet our Account Directors


Ian Young

Account Director

Ian joined us in 2011, having worked in the contractor payments industry since 2000.


Jess Campbell

Account Director

Jess joined the Crest Plus team in 2020 after Crest Plus joined forces with MangoPay.


Dean Rudd

Account Director

Dean is an experienced account handler having been in the industry since 2014, so he understands the nuances of CIS and umbrella pay.  This experience and expertise makes all the difference when helping recruitment consultants to place contractors quickly and seamlessly into roles.


Matt Watts

Account Director

Matt is an experienced professional who has looked after some of the biggest names in recruitment since 2016; with great industry knowledge gained from his experience and eagerness to add value.

Meet our Business Development Team


L-r: Allister Venn, Chris Wilde, Stephen Gill, Luke Heritage (Manager), Nikki Armor, Charlotte Shearer.

Here to help you grow

We are part of Workwell group which offers a wide range of solutions to help employment businesses at all stages of growth.

Our broader solutions include:

  • Recruitment finance
  • Back office services
  • Payroll bureau
  • Employment & payment of workers globally
  • ‘Out of the box’ services for start-ups
  • Tailored solutions for established firms for growth



Recruiter Resources

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