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As specialists in the construction industry, we’ve been involved in CIS sub-contractor payments since 1999. Over the last 20+ years, we’ve been one of the largest providers of payment services to construction industry sub-contractors in the UK, and have built unrivalled experience and expertise in construction sector payments over many years.

Trusted by some of the biggest names in the industry, when you partner with us, you will have peace of mind that we’re specialists in helping both recruitment businesses and sub-contractors navigate CIS compliantly.

CIS For Recruiters

CIS Explained

The Construction Industry Scheme was set up by HMRC to facilitate the collection of tax payments due from self-employed workers. At a time when it considered there was a lot of tax leakage in the construction sector, HMRC decided it could prevent tax losses by collecting tax at source from those contractors engaging sub-contractors.

CIS is an appealing option to sub-contractors who consider themselves to be genuinely self-employed. As self-employed workers, CIS sub-contractors pay less National Insurance and can benefit from tax relief on genuine business expenses which are not available to employed workers.

CIS workers have to be verified by HMRC by the business contracting them who will be advised to deduct either 0%, 20%, or 30% CIS tax as a payment on account of the worker’s self-employment income tax which is due at the end of the tax year.

CIS For Recruiters

Maximising Growth

For some agencies and hirers, CIS may be a new concept for which compliance responsibilities may seem complex. Having worked in this solution for almost 30 years, it’s safe to say we understand CIS inside-out and we’re always available to advise and support you.

  • In these times of scarce resources, CIS can help you maximise your reach and increase contractor retention in an ever-growing industry.
  • Doing things right – we’ll only engage workers under CIS once we’re confident contractors and agencies have met their compliance obligations and the agency wish us to engage on this basis.
  • Ongoing compliance advice on status assessments and documentation processes.
  • Free CIS Health Checks to ensure your agency is working compliantly.
  • Expert training and support for your teams in all aspects of contractor management and legislation.
  • We’re FCSA-Accredited for complete peace of mind – one of our Business Consultants wrote the FCSA trade body CIS code of compliance and advised FCSA in the construction sector for many years.

Compliance is always our top priority

We are accredited by the FCSA for both CIS and umbrella services which means we undergo rigorous independent audit every year.


We put in the work to ensure our agencies are always working compliantly with a thorough review process that ensures workers are only placed in CIS roles if we’re confident they’re legitimately self-employed and have confirmed this with the end hirer.

If we disagree with an assessment conclusion, we’ll get in touch with you to ensure we’re basing our opinions on the correct information – helping protect the entire supply chain from non-compliance and associated financial and reputational risks.

  • 20+ year track record in delivering compliant services
  • You and your workers can choose Crest Plus with peace of mind
  • We have an open-door policy and welcome visits from all our recruitment partners
CIS For Recruiters

Why Contractors Love Crest Plus CIS

Helping contractors work compliantly in the way best-suited to their circumstances, we offer free contractor assessments on all new assignments to ensure CIS is the right working option.

  • Simple & easy registration – contractors set up without delay.
  • No risk surrounding IR35 regulations for CIS workers (providing they’re not working via PSC or mini-Umbrella & have not received an inside IR35 assessment from their end hirer). Helping you clear confusion in cases of blanket bans on PSCs.
  • Straight-forward payments process – paying workers on time, every time.
  • Detailed and transparent pay illustrations so workers know exactly what to expect.
  • Access to thousands of savings with Crest Plus Advantage including exclusive B&Q TradePoint and Anchor Safety PPE.
  • Market-leading personal accident insurance (covering worker commutes too).
  • Support from our specialist team who are genuine experts in the many complexities within the construction sector

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