25 Years of Crest Plus

Celebrating the customers and staff that make our business special

  1999 – 2024

In this, our 25th year, we’re reflecting and celebrating the people who have helped us become such a great business to work with and to work for.

Meet our Long Servers

We’re proud to have so many long-servers within our business.  The breadth and depth of experience in our teams makes all the difference to the quality of our services. Here we introduce you to a few of the people who have been with us for over a decade.

Ben Peel
Payment Pod Leader
20 years


Charlotte Shearer
Senior Account Manager
17 years


Claire Kelly
Payment Pod Leader
20 years


Marko Carter
Head of IT
17 years


Paul McDonnell
Group MD
17 years


Paula Joyce
Payment Pod Leader
18 years


Samantha Mead
Head of Payment Solutions
18 years


Sarah Jordan
Payment Coordinator
19 years


Paul Flannery,
Head of Group Operations
16 years


Ian Young
Senior Account Director
12 years


Scott Eccles
.NET/SQL Server Analyst Developer
12 years


John Griffith
Operations Manager
12 years


25 Reasons to Choose Crest Plus

Largest provider of contractor payments to the construction, rail and engineering sector

Operate throughout the UK

An experienced, expert team to support you

We keep you safe – we are FCSA accredited for CIS and Umbrella

Our ‘small business’ mindset means you get the attention you need, our team knows that every interaction counts

Open door policy – we welcome recruitment agency site visits without notice

Most experienced payments team in the industry – speed & accuracy of over 10k weekly payments

We have many long-servers which gives continuity of service

Reliable – we pay 10k workers accurately & on time, week-in week-out

Assurance with CIS – support your organisation to use CIS without risk

Knowledge & experience – we understand CIS and Umbrella inside out so can guide you every step of the way

Part of the Workwell group giving access to a broad range of solutions to help you grow your agency

We are recognised Investors in People

Actively involved in the FCSA to stay ahead of compliance issues

Support for start-up recruitment businesses to use Umbrella and CIS for the first time

Scalable support – service tailored to your needs, whatever your stage of growth

Dedicated account management team in the field and on the phone

Fast and reliable onboarding process to get workers set up and ready to work as quickly as possible, often same day

Security when hiring UK and overseas workers with online ID checks returned within minutes

Excellent communication with contractors, both in-person and via our portal

Long-term clients, many of our clients have been with us 10 years or more

Our numbers speak volumes – 6m+ payments paid to over 500,000 contractors supporting over 1,000 recruitment agencies since 1999

We put things right when we make a mistake – fully accountable

We employ a dedicated service specialist for continual review to help us get better and better

What Our Customers Say

Gavin Gordon

Corrie Recruitment

As a business that prides ourselves with delivering quality on a consistent basis, Corrie Recruitment will only associate with a business that matches our high standards. Our first involvement with Crest Plus was in 2012 shortly after I founded the business. They have been a business partner ever since, reliably paying many of our workers over the years.

Leanne Ash

CDM Recruitment

CDM has been in operation for over two decades, and when I became part of the team in 2009, Crest was already an important aspect of our payroll offering, alongside our in-house payroll team.

Our Culture

In 2022, due to continued growth, we moved to new offices in Chester to enable us to expand our team.

These offices are open plan and enable teams in all departments to work as one. We encourage our agency partners to visit us on-site to meet the teams and see how we operate. We believe this transparency creates the long-term partnership & trust that is so important to us.

Our recent growth has prompted the need to increase headcount and we are proud of the fact that most new hires have been made via referral from existing staff – this speaks volumes about our culture. Also, in the past couple of years, we have had several members of staff return after having gone to work elsewhere.

This speaks volumes about the positive culture we have worked hard to create.


Our Story

Over the years we have grown steadily to become the largest provider of Umbrella and CIS payment services in the construction, trades and labour sector.

Our growth strategy has always been based on the delivery of first-class service. Our brand is now well-known and respected in the industry and we enjoy a strong reputation for guiding and supporting our clients. We can safely say that no-one understands CIS or Umbrella in relation to construction like we do.

The market we serve is unusually demanding. Workers generally submit weekly timesheets as opposed to monthly timesheets in other sectors. This produces a huge volume of activity. To succeed in this sector, we have had to build systems and processes which can withstand severe stress. And we’ve had to create a culture whereby each member of staff plays their part, works as a team and is empowered to do the right thing on their own initiative.

This is the ‘secret sauce’ to our success.

We are proud of our track record in the accurate and timely processing of timesheets. This is significant in that we process on average 9,500 individual timesheets each week.

We are the largest provider of CIS services among FCSA members. We take a ‘belt and braces’ approach to compliance. In addition to our FCSA-accreditation obligations we commission BDO to undertake independent professional audits of our systems and processes. Due to the inherent risks in working with CIS, we have become the first port of call for agencies to ensure they are able to implement clear and robust processes, giving peace of mind that everything is done correctly.