Tax Returns With Your Rebate Up-Front

November 16, 2023

If you’re a member of the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS), remember your self-assessment tax return must be submitted before January 31st 2024.

If you’re due a tax rebate, we’ll do your tax return and pay any rebate you’re due straight away.

That means you don’t need to wait for HMRC to process the rebate. We’ll claim it on your behalf AFTER we’ve paid you!

We appreciate how important is it for you to receive your rebate as quickly as possible, especially with the cost of living being so high at present, and Christmas just around the corner.

What can you claim a rebate for?

Rebates are calculated on legitimate expenses you can claim as a CIS self-employed worker. You can find a list of business expense items here, but broadly they include tools, equipment and clothing; travel and subsistence and administrative costs such as insurance any membership of any unions or professional bodies.

Make life easier for yourself

To help everything run smoothly, try to get into the habit of recording your income and work-related expenses regularly throughout the year. This saves you from having to spend time tracking down receipts and records at a later date when the event is just a dim and distant memory! Here are some tips to help you prepare for your tax return.

Get help

No-one really enjoys doing their tax return, so contact our team who will gather the information they need from you and submit the return on your behalf. Our team will ensure you claim tax relief properly so you don’t fall foul of HMRC’s rules. Find out more about our Tax Returns Service.

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