Crest Plus Passes HMRC Compliance Inspection

Crest Plus Passes HMRC Compliance Inspection

Sep 03, 2021

We’re pleased to report that Crest Plus has once again passed our HMRC compliance inspection with flying colours.

HMRC’s inspection team regularly carry out compliance checks on payroll companies, like Crest Plus, assessing approximately 3 tax agents per week.

In our latest compliance inspection this August, HMRC’s agent conducted an in-depth analysis of our tax return service, exploring how we maintain compliance standards throughout the process. Detailed checks were carried out on the multi-step procedure, from how we compliantly engage with clients; carry out and evidence the returns; communicate assurances with clients; and finally submit the tax return.

As the compliance inspection was closed off, the response from HMRC’s investigator was exceptionally positive: “It became apparent from our discussion that the procedures you [Crest Plus] have in place are good and the records provided were clear and easy to follow through.”

Val Lawton, Managing Director at Crest Plus said: “One of our core values has always been and always will be that we put compliance first. The importance of operating compliant systems and processes can’t be undervalued in our sector, especially as we aim to provide the highest level of customer care to our clients and agency partners.”

She continued: “Passing this inspection was a great achievement and a satisfying reward for our teams who work hard day-in, day-out to ensure rigorous checks are carried out and regulation is always followed to the letter. We’re very proud of our tax return procedure and happy with the positive feedback from HMRC’s inspector.”

In addition to HMRC’s compliance reviews, Crest Plus is also an FCSA-accredited Umbrella company and CIS provider, meaning we guarantee complete compliance throughout all payroll processes for both agencies and contractors.


To find out more about our compliance promise, click here.

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