Jul 17, 2019

If you work in the construction industry, then joining the Construction Industry Scheme is likely to be the most straight-forward and tax-efficient way for you to work as a contractor.

CIS has been operating since 1999 and membership means that you can pay tax at source.

You don’t have to register for CIS but if you don’t then you may have to pay more tax as CIS registered sub-contractors pay 20% tax on their income while unregistered workers pay 30%.

Tax is relatively straight-forward when you’re in CIS as it’s deducted directly from your payment.  You’re still entitled to your tax-free personal allowance, and this is taken into account when you submit your self-assessment tax return.

At the end of the year you will need to submit a self-assessment tax return (we provide a Self-Assessment Tax Return service if you need help) detailing expenses you wish to claim and any additional sources of income you may have. There may be no further action to take; you may have more tax to pay or you may be due a rebate. Find out more about CIS rebates here.

Our CIS service is designed to work around your needs. Whenever you wish to switch to a new assignment, you simply get in touch with our team and we will sort out all the paperwork, usually in a matter of minutes.

To join CIS, you’ll need to meet HMRC’s eligibility criteria which covers the type of work you undertake and the level of supervision, direction and control your role entails, among other things. We’ve specialised in the Construction Industry Scheme since it began so can offer a free Contractor Assessment to help determine whether it’s a suitable solution for you.

Please get in touch if you wish to find out more about joining the Construction Industry Scheme, or if you are already registered and have any additional questions or find out more on our CIS pages.

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