Mar 29, 2019

Derek Harling, Managing Director at Crest Plus, retires today after 12 years at the helm.  Here, we ask him to reflect on his time with Crest Plus and find out about his plans for the future.

How do you feel about your pending retirement?
I’m feeling good and believe it’s the right time to start thinking about doing some other activities/projects outside of a working environment.

What have you got planned?
Initially I want to increase my time on my road bike and build up to doing a 75 mile ride during the summer. We are looking to purchase a house in Chester so there will be plenty of research and visits to make over the next 3 to 4 months. I am also looking at doing some voluntary work.

What did/does Crest Plus mean to you?
That’s a difficult question!! So much has happened with so many different experiences. When I think of Crest Plus I think about its people. We have a terrific team with a great working ethic, who are up for any challenge and create a fun environment in some testing times.

Proudest moment/achievement you’re most proud of?
The development of our people and seeing individuals grow. We still keep in touch and see many people that have previously worked within our organisation and that makes me feel good.

What will you miss most?
Waiting for the e-mail that Gerrards (our sandwich van) has arrived!!

What will you miss least?
Walking up the 3 flights of stairs to my office!!

How will you be involved over the next year?
I will be providing part-time consultancy work and business advice.

Any regrets?
None at all!!

What do you think the future holds for the company/industry?
Opportunities as a result of having a professional team, further legislation changes and being part of the JSA Group.

Who/what motivated you through your career?
I’m self-motivated, as most people know, and I enjoy and need new challenges that test my capabilities. I’m always looking to stretch myself and learn new skills.

Did you become what you set out to be?
I don’t believe so, as I never set out to be anyone specifically in the first place. Like many people I’m probably still finding myself. I know I’m still finding myself!!

Who are you handing over to?
Two very capable professional people, who have a wealth of experience in our market sector, Paul McDonnell and Val Lawton. They will become Joint Managing Directors from the 1 April 2019. Paul and Val have very different skill sets that complement each other and both have personalities to motivate people and continue the Crest Plus culture. They have worked very well together as a team for the last 4 months and are highly thought of by myself and Crest Plus employees. I wish them every success.

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